To The “Prague Pride” Of Healers, Thank You

A healer is someone who brings comfort, relief and a mending spirit in times of distress, injury and pain. When one of the best men we'd ever known was called to his forever home, we were all of the above. Our wings clipped, broken and bent; we couldn't find it in ourselves to get back... Continue Reading →


Vines Of Entanglement By Lisa Carter- Book Review

What happens when you tell a lie? Do you hide from the fear of being found out? Do you play it off on the sly, down-low- keeping it tucked in the outskirts of life? Or....Maybe you keep piling more deceit on top of it to cover up the one deep-rooted truth? In this book, many... Continue Reading →

My “Dry January” Timeline

So, you've heard of this challenge, right? I saw it on Good Morning America a few days ago. It entails refraining from alcoholic beverages for the entire month of January. Granted, I didn't see it until a few days ago and I didn't decide to participate until like 5am yesterday morning. In the last month,... Continue Reading →

My Winter’s Grief

He was here one minute and gone the next. My grandpa, my papa, left us with the leaves of winter. Not much of a warning- barely the echo of a siren in the background. In the snap of the fingers, with the blink of an eye, as quick as light. He was gone. Not once... Continue Reading →

Dementors In The Flesh

In the Harry Potter series, a dementor is known for its darkness and ability to suck the complete livelihood out of anyone that lets it get too close. Harry Potter is just a story that I am obsessed with; an imaginative tale with a magical setting and unrealistic situations. ....Or are they all unrealistic? Let's... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Feet

They're usually the last thing on the body to enter the world, They wiggle, they wriggle, they flex and they twirl. They're chubby and perfect, the skin so soft and smooth, They inspire little kisses with every single move. It's not a common thing to just put your mouth on a set of feet, But... Continue Reading →

Verity by Colleen Hoover- Book Review

Like the vines of the ivy scrawling the outermost walls of the Crawford residence, Colleen Hoover's first ever suspense novel had me tangled in the mystery of “what really happened here?" The darkened ivy of mystery and chill crept its way inside of my brain, planting its roots deep and preventing the capacity to break... Continue Reading →

“Go For It!”

When I was first learning to write short stories in elementary school, I wrote a suspense/horror story and left it in my backpack. My mom found it, read it and asked me if I needed counseling. Which is still hilarious to me. Because now that I actually am trying to write in the same categories,... Continue Reading →

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