Under The Harvest Moon

The term harvest is synonymous with words like gather and reap. The harvest moon has been talked about in folklore as an evening that helps the farmers gather more crops than the day light normally allows. What a gift. My oldest son, is 6. He's 2/3 of my size and weighs over 80lbs. I am... Continue Reading →

The Martyr

A martyr is one who would give his/her last breath for a cause or for someone else they care about; self-sacrificing in all the ways. I’ve seen it written in negative connotation after negative connotation, yet it’s what we continue to do. It’s what I do in motherhood and nearly any position I have had... Continue Reading →

So, Maybe Hold Them A Little Tighter

That one spot on your chest...It's the first place they lay when they come into the world. Tangled and swaddled in your arms, your hands soothing them with all the softness and firmness that you'll need for parenthood. It gives them comfort to feel the warmth and the love that radiates from your skin. It's... Continue Reading →

When I Mess Up

I have a hard time describing what type of mom I am. I feel like if my mothering had a spirit animal, sometimes it would be a sloth....just me and my babies moving slowly, hugged-up and livin' the good life. Other times, I am probably more of a lion. Fiercely growling and snapping at the... Continue Reading →

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